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Bengal Bay Garnet

Bengal Bay Garnet

Bengal Bay Garnet is our premium almandine garnet abrasive, nature's best garnet for waterjet cutting. It is engineered for performance with high purity, exceptional processing and tight grading. This garnet is the trusted choice when you need an all-around superior cut.

Modern processing methods are responsible for our renowned performance. Each particle flows through an exclusive CleanWashTM Purifying Process where solids and fines are meticulously removed. With the lowest count of suspended solids, you can cut faster with problem free operation. This process, combined with inline quality control means every bag of Bengal Bay Garnet you open is the same high quality abrasive you come to expect.

We offer Bengal Bay Garnet in two distinct precision grades in both 55 lb bags and 2,200 lb sacks.

Bengal Bay Garnet

Enhance the capabilities of your waterjet with the right cutting fuel.

Micro Media

MicroMedia Garnet is our highest precision garnet, used in specialty micro-cutting applications where exacting tolerances and smooth finishes are required. Specifically designed for very thin kerf cutting using extra small nozzle IDs, MicroMedia Garnet offers next level precision cutting. While this abrasive is especially effective for cutting thin glass and laminates, it's the ideal solution for cutting any thin material.


Ecojet Garnet is an economical alternative when less challenging cutting is required. This brand is well suited for cutting applications where smaller orifice and nozzle combinations are used and when part tolerances are not as critical. Manufactured to high quality standards, Ecojet Garnet is a value focused abrasive for use in straightforward cutting applications.