The Edge™ Cutting Head
Always Sharp

360° Rotation
Engineered to allow the abrasive inlet tube to swivel to any position needed. With the ability to pivot 360° around the nozzle nut, the need for clocking is eliminated and machining costs are substantially reduced.

Slim Design
Designed to minimize unnecessary raw material and machining costs to provide a premium product at a competitive price.

This extremely low profile allows the cutting head to fit in previously unimaginable spaces, and fits very well in 5 axis systems where space is at a premium.

Removable Orifice
The Edge™ Cutting Head is designed to use readily available P-III orifices. Whether you choose Diamond or Ruby, the versatile design allows you to change orifice size quickly and easily.

Ease of Use
The Edge™ Cuttting Head is compatible with all major manufacturers on/off valves for hassle free cutting head upgrades. Made to fit the P-III Nozzle Body and other 3/4-16 threads.

H2O Part Number 301050-1
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