94k psi IDE cutting head

The Advantage EP Integral Diamond Eductor™ Cutting Head

The H2O Jet Advantage EP IDE™ waterjet abrasive cutting head offers longer lasting & faster cutting with abrasive saving features for your ultra high-pressure cutting. The H2O Jet Advantage EP IDETM Cutting Head consistently demonstrates superior performance and reduced operating costs over other standard factory cutting heads. Get dead-on orifice alignment which improves abrasive nozzle life. This becomes increasingly important at pressure above 60,000 psi. A misaligned orifice can eat through an abrasive waterjet cutting nozzle in just a few hours! The advantages of the IDE EP™ are so pronounced that at 94K, customers are seeing double the focusing tube life, improved cut speed and quality, and a cutting head life of 1,000 hours or more. Its dual port design allows direct replacement with competitors head, allowing all its advantages to be easily and quickly realized.

  • Features Include
  • No maintenance mixing chamber design
  • Faster water jet cutting speeds
  • Reduced abrasive consumption
  • Longer lasting diamond
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