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5 Ways Our Waterjet Cutting Heads
Beat the Competition

  • 1. Dead-On Alignment The Integral Diamond Eductor III ™ features an integrated orifice for permanent alignment and has 0% chance for misalignment. Our waterjet cutting head features perfect orifice to nozzle alignment – the nozzle is perfectly aligned directly to the orifice during manufacture. No other cutting head offers this advantage. Misalignment, over-torqueing errors and stack up tolerance issues are virtually eliminated. The diamond orifice is imbedded, thus integral to the mixing chamber. This alignment directs the jetstream perfectly through the abrasive nozzle putting maximum cutting power to the part and greatly increases nozzle life. Through empirical analysis and extensive field-testing, it has been optimized for real-world conditions.
  • 2. Revolutionary Mixing Chamber Design H2O Jet has redefined the concept of the “mixing chamber” with our coalescing plenum. The advanced coalescing plenum provides a more effective and efficient abrasive feed, reducing abrasive consumption up to 20%. The result is no maintenance on the waterjet cutting head, maximum cutting power and ultimate performance with no abrasive flow back issues when turned on and off. Competing cutting heads’ chamber designs cause abrasive back flow when turned on and off wearing the bottom orifice mount, which causes the orifice to fail.
  • 3. Faster Waterjet Cutting Speed Precise alignment of the diamond orifice with the mixing tube allows maximum power to be delivered to the cutting surfaces. This extends the nozzle life and increases the cutting speed. H2O Jet guarantees the Integral Diamond Eductor III™ for a minimum of 500 hours (*500 hours or 3 months from ship date and must be used with Short Stop Filter), but has demonstrated 1000+ cutting hours in the field for many applications.
  • 4. Reduced Operating Cost The integral diamond orifice reduces operating costs with faster waterjet cutting, extended nozzle life and reduced abrasive consumption. Abrasives can be costly, and many machines can go through up to a pound a minute. Our orifice reduces abrasive feeding consumption by ten percent, saving money. The nozzle lasts longer as well, dramatically reducing overall downtime. In fact, the H2O Jet Integral Diamond Eductor III™ has demonstrated 1,000+ water jet cutting hours in the field for many applications.
  • 5. Fewer Parts Mean Fewer Problems & Greater Productivity The abrasive waterjet cutting environment is a severe one. The more complex the waterjet cutting head, the greater the chance for problems. Our advanced waterjet cutting head design minimizes component count and maximizes reliability.
  • Warranty: The Integral Diamond Eductor III™ is guaranteed for a minimum of 500 hours, * but has demonstrated 1000+ cutting hours in the field for many applications. *500 hours or 3 months from ship date and must be used with Short Stop Filter (link)
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