Superior diamonds, Superior cutting.

Advantages of Diamonds

Diamond orifices offer consistent performance from orifice to orifice every time. Even though the diamond nozzle may have a higher up front cost, the savings in performance and time down will certainly make up the cost and then some. Generally, diamond nozzles are changed once for every 10 times a sapphire is changed.

  • We orient our diamonds to utilize their strongest and most resistant surface.
  • We select the finest materials and designs to best support our diamonds and ensure maximum mount life.
  • We cut our diamond in a unique way to relieve stress and prevent chipping or cracking.
  • The shape of our diamonds allows us to mount them in virtually any type of orifice assembly.
  • We produce precision orifices that are held to the highest tolerances in the industry.
  • Our finished products are tested under ultra high pressure before they ever leave the lab, to ensure jet stream quality and alignment meets the proper specifications.
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