Diamond VS Sapphire

There are three reasons why a diamond waterjet nozzle lasts longer than a sapphire nozzle.

  • 1. Hardness Diamonds are the hardest known substance to man and much harder than the sapphire, which is the second hardest substance.
  • 2. Heat Sync Diamonds are the best, bare none, heat sync known to man. How does heat sync affect extending the life of the nozzle? Exact reasons are not known, but some speculate it’s because the flow of high-pressure water accelerating to 3,000 ft. per second at the nozzle can generate extreme heat. Because of the diamond’s heat syncing capabilities, it dissipates this heat, which precludes minerals in the water from adhering to the nozzle, which further prevents premature clogging.
  • 3. Strength Using a diamond nozzle creates less wear and tear on waterjet components. Every time you open and close the nozzle body and retainer, it is subject to wear between the metal-to-metal seats. Using a diamond nozzle will save wear and tear since it lasts longer than other nozzles.
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