Superior diamonds, Superior cutting.

Diamonds are Not Created Equal

While diamond has proven to be the longest lasting orifice material in the waterjet cutting industry, the common misconception is that all diamond products are of equal quality. In reality, there are several important differences to understand when determining a high quality performance diamond from a poor quality diamond.

  • Flawless Natural Diamonds We use virtually flawless white, to light yellow Cape diamonds. Each is inspected to guarantee the elimination of imperfections. The natural properties of the diamond allow us to orient them along their crystalline, or grain structure. This process guarantees that the most abrasion resistant surface is exposed to the high intensity waterjet cutting stream to increase jewel fatigue strength.
  • Proprietary Cutting & Stress Relief Each diamond goes through a proprietary cutting process to eliminate stress risers. If not removed, stress risers can lead to material failure when concentrated stress exceeds the material’s cohesive strength. Our diamond processing technique lends to superior outside geometry, increased fatigue strength and prevents premature chipping or cracking.
  • High Quality Mounting Each diamond is secured in heat-treated stainless steel mounts with a proprietary retaining device. H20 Jet is the only company in the industry to use this unique retaining technique resulting in optimum jet stream coherency and alignment throughout the life of the product.
  • Unsurpassed Diamond Life Each diamond orifice is of a proprietary structure that evenly distributes the jetstream over the cut diamond. This relieves stress and prevents chipping and cracking, thus increasing fatigue strength and diamond life.
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