Integral Diamond Eductor 3

Faster Cutting with
Integral Diamond Eductor III™

The H2O Jet Integral Diamond Eductor III™ is a standout in the industry and revolutionary in its design. It consistently demonstrates superior superstar performance and reduced operating cost when compared to competitive brand abrasive waterjet cutting heads. The Integral Diamond Eductor™ II cutting head has a one piece body, orifice and mixing chamber to eliminate guesswork, reducing assembly time and lasts a minimum of 500 hours, although most customers see 1,000 hours or more! The Integral Diamond Eductor III™ features an integrated orifice for permanent alignment and has 0% chance for misalignment. Its superior operation provides 10-20 times better performance over sapphires or rubies!

Integral Diamond Eductor for Spot On Performance
  • Up to 50% faster no lost time due to constant orifice replacement
  • 10 to 20 times greater mean time between failures
  • Superior edge quality
  • Cost saving Our design features reduced abrasive consumption
  • Optimizes the performance of any water jet machine
  • Warranty: The Integral Diamond Eductor III™ is guaranteed for a minimum of 500 hours, * but has demonstrated 1000+ cutting hours in the field for many applications. *500 hours or 4 months from ship date and must be used with Short Stop Filter
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