On Off Valves

On / Off Valves

Our On/Off valves are proven daily in the automotive industry for optimum cutting and more. H2O Jet On/Off Valves offer reliable and consistent cycle life. We supply multiple nozzle body options to meet your specific needs: Low Mass, P-3 or H2O Jet High Performance. We can even make custom lengths upon request.

  • Advanced Design The newly designed Pneumatic Valves contain a redesigned seal and stem for a longer, more predictable life. The on/off motion of the actuator is sealed internally, reducing dust/grime and extending the valve life. Competing valves actuate externally, using a rubber boot to hold back the dust, which is much less effective.
  • More Productivity These valves enable longer production runs resulting in increased production of parts.
  • 24/7 Operation The Normally Open and Normally Closed Valves have an exceedingly reliable and fast performance steel spring that applies the force to open and close the valve. This H2O Jet technology has emerged as the standard in high volume industrial slitting and automotive applications.
  • Easy Maintenance The H2O internal accuation design valves are built to keep you running. The superior design of the Pneumatic Valves and on/off valves allow for repairs and rebuilds reducing your costs.
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