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Our advanced waterjet cutting heads cut faster, last longer and perform better than any manufactured today. H2O Jet brings you a superior waterjet cutting head that has revolutionized the industry. Our Diamond Nozzle Assemblies outlast any other on the market and are proven to be the most cost-effective cutting solution, no matter what the material, metal, stone, glass, plastic, wood and all others. Our waterjet cutting heads work with all Flow, Jet Edge, and Omax waterjet machines among others with exceptional results for 50,000-94,000 psi water jet cutting.

Rolled Alloys uses both Flow 60,000 psi and 87,000 psi waterjets to cut specialty alloys materials. The original replacement parts for our Waterjet were causing us significant down time pushing us to search for an alternative replacement parts supplier. Due to their reputation for high performance parts we selected H2O Jet products for both our 60,000 psi and 87,000 psi Flow waterjets. The H2O Jet products were a direct fit and our waterjet cutting head and Intensifier performance has been significantly increased reducing our downtime and lowering our operating costs with higher performing replacement parts. We now consistently get 600-800 hours high pressure seal life and 800-1000 hours abrasive cutting head life at 87,000 psi.Scott Martzke - Rolled Alloys Maintenance Supervisor

Water jet cutting applications are broken down into two categories and require a specific cutting nozzle for each: Water-only Pneumatic Valve and Abrasive Water Jet Nozzles.

Water-only cutting applications are used in industries such as food (fruits, vegetables, pastries, frozen foods), rubber, soft composites, textile, fabric, paper, foam, leather, and much more.

Abrasive waterjet cutting using cutting nozzles is used for titanium, steel, glass, tile, brass, aluminum, and stone cutting, as well as many other materials.

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