tetraCORE<sup>™</sup> Orifices

tetraCORE Orifices

tetraCORE is the newest material for improving waterjet orifices. A mid-range performing orifice (doesn't last like diamonds), it is a breakthrough in material science and is the first new grade of orifice material introduced into the waterjet industry in over 30 years. It provides a more reliable alternative to both ruby orifices and sapphire orifices. An elaborate technology engineered at the atomic level, tetraCORE is the achievement of a strategic structuring of the atomic lattice and has been designed to employ an extremely tough and durable tetrahedral bond that will resist erosion, chipping, and fracturing to last longer and reduce operating costs.

Performance Advantages

  • Longer Life – Binderless structure eliminates chemical reaction to water for more durable edges
  • Greater jet stream consistency for smoother edges through thicker material
  • Fewer change-outs and less scrap reduces operating costs
  • Excellent reliability in abrasive waterjets
  • Less supervision required

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