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H2O Jet’s specially designed line of tools puts you in control of the repair and maintenance of your waterjet cutting system. Now you have access to the unique tools used by technicians to install upgrades and service your machines, at significant savings.

  • Pump Service Tool Kit This tool kit contains all the specific tools required to safely and correctly rebuild a 40K and 60K H20 Jet Intensifier or Flow-style intensifier. Each tool is specifically designed to allow easy replacement of parts, and ensure maximum reliability and life.
  • Kit Includes
    Lapping Block (5 ea.) & 320 & 600 Abrasives
    HP Seal Installation Tool Kit (4 Pcs)
    HP Cylinder Wrench
    Intensifer Assembly Bench
    Shift Pin Tool, Install & Remove Kit
    Bleed Down Valve Took Kit (Extract Tool & Insert Tool)
    Intensifier End Cap, Torque Tool
    Blue Anti Galling Lube 2oz
    Spanner Wrench – Ring Compressor Tool

Coning Threading Bending

H2O Jet manufactures a manual coning and threading tool for optimal performance with HP tubing sizes of 1/4”, 3/8” and 9/16” outside diameters. H2O Jet also offers a manual bending tool that will bend 1/4” and 3/8” HP tubing. These high quality precision tools allow the customer to prepare HP tubing installations on site. One coning, one bending, and one threading tool with optional accessories allows the user to prepare all sizes of HP tubing. This eliminates the need for multiple tools of differing sizes.

The coning tool offers interchangeable collets and blades for each size of tubing, and works to keep the tubing concentric for a perfect cone. The integrated vise arm allows easy installation of the tubing, free access to the clamp nut, and unobstructed use of the handle. The coning blade is designed to square-off and finish the end of the tubing when the cone is completed. A sight window allows for easy application of lubricants and cleaning out of metal chips.

The threading tool allows the user to select the corresponding guide bushing and threading die to easily thread 1/4”, 3/8” and 9/16” HP tubing. The guide bushing provides proper centering of the tubing, and its bronze material eliminates any marring of the tubing during threading.

The tube bending tool allows proper bending of both 1/4” and 3/8” HP tubing. This is achieved by use of a removable bending guide and tube holder. The tool allows up to 180º bends to be achieved with a radius of 1.75”.

Every Tool You Need for Servicing your H2O Waterjet

  • Swivel Install Removal This tool is necessary to ensure that the Swivel Seals are removed and installed safely to avoid damage to the seal or scratching of the swivel body.
  • Cylinder Wrench The cylinder wrench is required for easy removal of the HP cylinder during disassembly. The wrench is designed to eliminate any scratching or damage to the cylinder, which will occur if other methods of removal are used.
  • Lapping Kit The lapping kit contains a precision-ground granite lapping block to ensure that the check valve components achieve the highest level of flatness. This is critical to ensure smooth shifting of the intensifier and maximum check valve life. All the high quality wet/dry sandpaper is included to get your high pressure check valves to new condition.
  • Intensifier Assembly Bench The intensifier assembly bench is necessary to keep the end bells aligned and secure during a rebuild, which is critical to prevent warping of the manifold and shift valve sealing surfaces. It also gives you a secure base while torquing the intensifier components.
  • HP Seal Install/Removal The HP Seal install/removal tools are precision components specifically designed to eliminate damage to the HP Seal and Cylinder during installation and removal. This tool is critical to achieving maximum life out of your new HP Seals.
  • Shift Pin Tool This tool is designed to greatly simplify the process of removing the tiny shift pin from deep within the end bell. Simply insert the tool into the end bell, and a vacuum helps pull out the shift pin. The groove in the tool allows you to easily line up the shift pin with the hole during installation.
  • Bleed Down Valve Tool Kit The Bleed Down Valve Tool Kit is designed to allow you to quickly push out the used Seal and correctly install the new seal in the proper orientation and without damage. Simply slide the new seal, wedge ring, and buttress onto the tool, and fully insert into the valve body.
  • End Cap Torque Tool This is a unique tool that only H2O Jet offers. The old method of tightening the End Cap with the spanner wrench and hammer is very vague and very easy to over torque, which makes disassembly extremely difficult. The End Cap torque tool eliminates the guess work and ensures components are properly torqued every time. Simply set your torque wrench, and tighten.
  • Spanner Wrench While the torque tool is used for installation, the spanner wrench is used to remove the end cap from the intensifier. Simply insert into the end cap, and tap with a deadblow hammer to loosen.
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