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Our upgrades provide a quantum leap in cutting performance, reliability and productivity. Oh yeah, we’re good.

H2O JET Upgrade Pumps, Intensifiers and Replacement Parts will dramatically change the way you work. Our upgrades for waterjet parts will improve the quality and increase the productivity of your waterjet cutting process and save you money. Whether you are using it for metal cutting or stone, paper or food, you will notice a significant advance in longevity and reliable cutting when you make the switch. We design our ultra high-pressure waterjet cutting parts with the user in mind. Experience improved cutting performance, competitive pricing and top-notch customer service. See how a small change can make a powerful difference in your bottom line. Upgrade today.

  • HP Cylinder H2O Jets proprietary design eliminates the famous “13 thread failure” in competitors’ design, as well as significantly increasing fatigue life. The threads are solid lubricant coated to reduce the chances of seizing or galling.
  • Hi-Load Piston Our Hi-Load piston is designed with stabilizing wear bands and energizer rings that eliminate the rocking and tilting common with the competitors’ ancient U-Cup design. This not only reduces wear on the hydraulic cylinder, but it also greatly increases the life of the HP seals and plunger.
  • Ceramic Plunger H2O jets ceramic plunger is machined out of a solid piece of ultra high strength ceramic, eliminating the possibility of the traditional metal band from separating. A mirror smooth finish increases seal and plunger life, reducing downtime.
  • Bleed Down Valve H2O Jets Hydraulic Auto Bleed Down Valve is an important safety feature that will safely bleed off all HP water in the lines when required. This eliminates the chances of HP water being left in the water lines during repairs. H2O Jet designed the valve with a significantly stronger poppet that reduces the chances of poppet failure due to bending.
  • High Pressure Check Valves H2O Jets new 2 piece check valve provides greater life and smoother operation than the traditional design. This is achieved by careful design and optimizing the fluid-flow through the valve during the shifting operation.
  • Check Valve Upgrade Kit Contains all components to upgrade your old check valve to the latest H2O Jet 2-piece design.
  • Shift Valve H2O Jets Electronic Shift valve is specially engineered to provide the smoothest and fastest shifting in the industry, allowing our intensifier to have the lowest pressure drop and the smoothest cut edge.
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