H2O Jet High-Load Pistons

High-Load Pistons

The durable H2O Jet High Load Piston will save you money and improve intensifier performance. Alignment of the piston is key to high performance. By maintaining a constant, evenly aligned stroke, the High Load Piston reduces wear on the plunger, increases the life of the hydraulic cylinder, and increases the overall life of your H2O Jet parts by eliminating “blow-by” scoring of your cylinder and plungers.

  • Prevent Loss of Pressure With the H2O Jet design of two outside graphite wear bands and one center seal, the High Load Piston prevents blow by of the hydraulic fluid. Over time the High Load Piston will provide a better pressure signal and offers significantly longer life reducing MTBF.
  • Better Performance Under Pressure Like all H2O Jet Products, the High Load Piston has been designed to perform consistently stroke after stroke. The two outside wear bands and center seal keep the piston running smoothly and efficiently. At H2O Jet we design all water jet pumps and accessories for optimum performance.
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