H2O Jet Intensifier Waterjet

Intensifier Refurbishing

Give life to your aged intensifier with H20 Jet intensifier refurbishing service. We offer services from basic intensifier rebuilds to complete overhauls. H2O Jets’ collective experience in the water jet industry makes almost any refurbish possible. Our expertise in rebuilding is second to none. At H2O Jet we operate under the idea that no job is too small. If it can benefit your business we will take a look at your job and lend our expertise. And while we’re at it, we also check all the intensifier parts on your water jet machine. We want to make sure older parts aren’t about to fail, affecting the new parts you just installed. We can do the work at your place or ours. You pick.

  • Get H2O Jet Quality The best way to ensure your Flow or H2O Jet pump continues to perform is to use H2O Jet quality parts. Through our refurbishing process we analyze and rebuild your pump to like-new condition.
  • Make Sure Your Pump Lasts Protect your investment and make sure your waterjet remains operational. The H2O Water Jet refurbishing process saves money in the long run. Our experience will help you be more competitive.
  • Send Us All Your Parts H2O Water Jet refurbishing is not limited to your pump. Send us your worn or damaged on/off valves, high pressure check valves and bleed down valves as well as your piston and pump parts and we can restore them to like-new quality.
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