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H2O JET Information

Find out what the customer needs and make it better.
That was our founding principle. From that concept, we have grown substantially and have many industry innovations to our credit.

  • Our Diamond Nozzle Assemblies outlast any other on the market and are proven to be the most cost effective cutting solution in every encounter.
  • We were the first company to mark orifice assemblies for size and type. Now it’s an industry standard.
  • Our components incorporate user-friendly enhancements that make maintenance faster and easier.
  • Uptime is paramount to success. Our researchers have developed components which will cut faster, cut longer, and have the greatest mean time between failures.
  • 60 KPSI is a tough environment. Only H2O Jet components consistently outperform the rest.
  • Our High Pressure components have been designed and verified to have the longest life in the industry. Simply put, they are the most cost-effective parts you can buy.

Judge for yourself why we’re considered the standard by which other suppliers are measured:


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