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Code Name    
80070352 Bolt; Jack, 60K EF, 1.5 GPM  
700005-1 Bulk Feeder Hose
700004-2 Gravity Abrasive Mini Hopper w/ Metering Discs
700002-2 Abrasive Hopper 6.5 cu/ft w/Level Sensors
700002-1 Abrasive Hopper 6.5 cu/ft w/Sight Glass
606210-9-F Filter Cartridge 9"" 10 Micron  
606210-6-F Filter Cartridge 6"" 10 Micron
606199-20 Filter Element 20 MIC,6"
606116-1 Abrasive Feed Hose
606050-6 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Gauge Bottom Port