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Ecojet pure garnet abrasive is value-focused, economical, and delivers reliable, consistent results. This mid-level cutting abrasive delivers with:

  • low dust
  • low suspended solids
  • low chloride content, providing a clean and precise cutting environment
  • low price point while adhering to high-quality standards and quality control

Ecojet is reliable and versatile. Due to little variability in particle size and product, you can expect the same quality results every time.

Ecojet garnet abrasive performs well for nearly all materials.


A great option for up to two inch material.

For thin material, under two inches thick, Shapecut is a blended abrasive, providing value, and flexibility for multi-purpose waterjet cutting.

Quickly becoming the most popular abrasive, ShapeCut offers flexibility to cut all materials commonly found in today’s job shops. Engineered specifically to match a wide variety of applications, ShapeCut delivers quality cutting and flexibility.

ShapeCut is performance-engineered using a proprietary blend of nesosilicates. These natural minerals are extremely hard, high-density abrasives processed to high quality standards, resulting in low dust and reliable performance. The ShapeCut blend has been thoroughly tested to ensure the abrasive blend is the right mixture for most water jet applications.


A Great Option for Cutting Thin Metals.

Specially formulated for stone and fabrication cutting, StoneCut offers a high-value stone cutting abrasive for a low price point. Formulated to match the needs of stone fabricators when they are cutting floors, counters, inlays, medallions, or artistic accents and signage.

StoneCut also works well as an affordable option for cutting thin metal, gauge metal or softer materials.

StoneCut is manufactured to high quality standards and is a low-dusting abrasive. A sustainable, green garnet alternative and is readily available.