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The Edge Mixing Chamber with Ruby Orifice Assy

The Edge Mixing Chamber with Ruby Orifice Assy Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 301050-1-xx

Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds

Product Description

The Edge Mixing Chamber:  Single Port; Uses standard 0.281" nozzles.  Allows the abrasive inlet to be oriented as the head is tightened down!  Price includes a P-III Ruby orifice (please specify size!)
Unbeatable price.


The Edge

    Always Sharp

  H2O JET's newest P-III Waterjet Cutting tool.~

* 360 Rotation~

Engineered to allow the abrasive inlet tube to swivel to any position needed. The ability to pivot 360 around the nozzle nut. The need for clocking is eliminated and machine costs are reduced and passed on to you!

* Slim Design~

Designed to minimize unnecessary raw material and machining costs - providing a premium product at a competitive price!
The low profile allows the cutting head to fit into tight spaces and works hand in hand with 5-axis systems.
* Removable Orifice ~

Designed for the P-III Ruby or Diamond orifice so you can choose the best orifice for the job! Order your orifice here -> 203501-xx & 201501-xx

* Ease of Use ~

Compatible with all major on/off valve brands s and made to fit with the P-III Nozzle Body (3/4-16 threads).  The Edge comes with ONE ruby P-III orifice. The nozzle/mixing tube is not part of the assembly but can be ordered here Mixing Tubes / Abrasive Nozzles

* Buy the Whole Cutting Head ~

The turn-key, complete assembly: the Edge, High Performance Actuator, On/Off Valve, High Velocity Nozzle Body, and nozzle....is at this link:  The EDGE CUTTING HEAD

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