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Advantage EP IDE Cutting Head Assembly 90⁰

Advantage EP IDE Cutting Head Assembly 90⁰ Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 391124-3-xx

Product Description

** Please specify orifice and mixing tube sizes when ordering. Standard unit has a 0.015" orifice and 0.040" mixing tube.  Mixing tube should be about 3x the orifice size rounding to: 0.030", 0.035", or 0.040".   **

Cutting Head Assembly for the 90⁰ tilting heads on Flow waterjet machines. Same tool center point as the original head so just mount it, hook up air and water, and it's ready to go.

This is a significant upgrade from the original.  The cutting head mixing chamber is the IDE (H2O Jet's Integrated Diamond Eductor)  which provides longer life, more accuracy, and uses fewer parts.  Bottom line:  simpler maintenance, longer, more accurate cutting, while saving up to 20% less garnet per inch.

Can be used with the Flow splash guard or the H2O Jet water deflector.


Kit Includes: Premium mixing tube and diamond (of course- the diamond is built into the head!)  

Additional Info: 

-         Air pressure to actuator should be 80psi.

-         Use the in-line water filter (the Short Stop Filter #391026-3 for the assembly, #400096-1 for just the filter element) to protect the diamond and the stem of the on/off valve from debris in the water.

Maintenance/Replacement Parts:

  • IDE (Mixing Chamber) - #391130-1-xx (add -SSF to the end to include new Short Stop Filter element)

  • 4-inch Premium Mixing Tube/Abrasive Nozzles for 87,000psi and above, or simply more accuracy: 
    • 0.040in ID  #1000013-40-4
    • 0.030in ID  #1000013-30-4

  • On/off Valve Repair Kit
    • Standard Kit: #392001-1
    • Extended Life Kit (provides about 2x life; for frequent on-off cycling.  Performance will vary due to air pressure and water quality): #392001-1-2

Replaces/Upgrades Flow's #045160-1 XD